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TENABLE Nessus Professional





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Tenable Nessus Professional - £100 OFF

Promo prices available until 30th April 2021.

Special prices available for 2 and 3 years.

Tenable Nessus has been deployed by more than one million users across the globe for vulnerability, configuration and compliance assessments. Nessus prevents network attacks by identifying the vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers use to penetrate your network.

Nessus supports more technologies than competitive solutions, scanning operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers, and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats, and compliance violations.

Nessus features :

  • Reporting and Monitoring
    • Flexible reporting: Customize reports to sort by vulnerability or host, create an executive summary, or compare scan results to highlight changes
    • Targeted email notifications of scan results, remediation recommendations and scan configuration improvements
  • Scanning Capabilities
    • Discovery: Accurate, high-speed asset discovery
    • Scanning: Vulnerability scanning (including IPv4/IPv6/hybrid networks)
    • Coverage: Broad asset coverage and profiling
    • Threats: Botnet/malicious, process/anti-virus auditing
    • Control Systems Auditing: SCADA systems, embedded devices and ICS applications
    • Sensitive Content Auditing: PII (e.g. credit card numbers, SSNs)
  • Deployment and Management
    • Flexible deployment: software, hardware, virtual appliance deployed on premises or in a service provider’s cloud.
    • Scan options: Supports both non-credentialed, remote scans and credentialed, local scans for deeper, granular analysis of assets that are online as well as offline or remote.
    • Configuration/policies: Out-of-the-box policies and configuration templates.
    • Risk scores: Vulnerability ranking based on CVSS, five severity levels (Critical, High, Medium, Low, Info), customizable severity levels for recasting of risk.
    • Prioritization: Correlation with exploit frameworks

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