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Tenable.io Vulnerability Management brings an effective approach to solve today’s toughest vulnerability management challenges. Using an advanced asset identification algorithm, Tenable.io provides the most accurate information about dynamic assets and vulnerabilities in everchanging environments. As a cloud-delivered solution, its simple, “data-comes-to-you” interface, intuitive templates and guidance, and seamless integration with third-party solutions help security teams maximize efficiency and scale for greater productivity. When visibility and insight matter most, Tenable.io helps you focus on the right action every time.

Tenable.io VM features :

  • Customer-Friendly Elastic Asset Licensing - Tenable.io offers a first-to-market asset-based licensing model that consumes just a single license unit per asset, even if the asset has multiple IP addresses. This elastic model also continues to permit scanning when license counts are temporarily exceeded and automatically recovers licenses for rarely scanned assets or one-time bursts.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Options - Tenable.io leverages Nessus Sensors, a mix of active scanners, agents and passive listening sensors, to help maximize scan coverage across your infrastructure and reduce vulnerability blind spots. This mix of data sensor types helps you include hard-to-scan assets in your vulnerability management program, such as transient devices analyzed by agents, and sensitive systems like industrial control systems which, can be monitored through passive traffic listening.
  • Accurate Asset-Based Vulnerability Tracking - Tenable.io provides the ability to track assets and their vulnerabilities more accurately than any other solution in the industry. An advanced asset identification algorithm uses an extensive set of attributes (such as Tenable ID, NetBIOS name, MAC address and many others) to correctly identify and track changes to assets, regardless of how they roam or how long they last.
  • Simplified Vulnerability Management - Tenable.io provides numerous capabilities that simplify themanagement of vulnerabilities. These include Centralized Credential Management, which enables the separation of roles between those who create the credentials and those who can use those credentials in a scan; Access Groups, which allow customers to segment assets into logical groupings that align with internal organizational structures to provide granular administrative control; and a modern, “data-comes-to-you” interface and guided in-application recommendations, predefined, actionable dashboards, templates and configuration audit checks that follow best practices frameworks. Collectively, these features help you readily understand your current Cyber Exposure to best protect your organization.
  • Pre-Built Integrations and Extensibility - Tenable.io has pre-built integrations – called “plugins” - available for popular credential management, SIEM, ticketing systems and other complementary solutions, so you can easily build an efficient vulnerability management process. A complete listing can be found here: https://www.tenable.com/partners/technology. Additionally, you can easily create your own integrations to Tenable.io by leveraging a fully documented API set and SDK. There is no extra cost to use these tools to maximize the value of your vulnerability data.
  • SLA with Uptime Guarantee - Tenable provides the vulnerability management industry’s first and only uptime guarantee through a robust service level agreement (SLA) for Tenable.io. Service credits are offered if the SLA is not met, just like leading cloud vendors, such as Amazon Web Services.
  • PCI-Certified Approved Scanning Vendor - Tenable.io is a PCI-Certified Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) solution that enables merchants and service providers to demonstrate their Internet-facing systems are secure, according to PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) external network vulnerability scanning requirements.

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