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MANAGEENGINE AssetExplorer is a web-based ITAM tool that helps you monitor and manage assets in your network from Planning phase to Disposal phase. AssetExplorer provides you with a number of ways to ensure the discovery of all the assets in your network. You can manage software and hardware assets, ensure software license compliance and track purchase and order contracts. AssetExplorer is easily installable and works right out of the box.

MANAGEENGINE AssetExplorer features:

  • CMDB - Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a centralized repository that stores information on all the significant entities in your IT environment.
    • Configuration Item Types (CI Types)
    • Relationship Map
    • Tracks and manages all the Configuration Items (CIs) in the IT environment.
  • IT Asset Inventory Management- The first and the most important part of IT Asset Management (ITAM) is to be able to scan/discover all the assets in your network
    • Asset Management
    • Product and vendor details
    • Group assets and manage them easily
    • View software compliance with Flash charts
    • Relationship between your business critical resources
    • Asset Scanning and Discovery
  • Software and Hardware inventory tracking
  • Software Asset Management
  • Software License Management
  • Purchase Order (PO) and Contracts
  • AssetExplorer mobile app

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