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SYMANTEC Endpoint Security automates protection configuration to deliver custom protection specifically to your organization while saving you time, money, and effort.

Symantec Endpoint Security Complete delivers the
most comprehensive and integrated endpoint security
on the planet. As an on-premises, hybrid, or cloudbased
solution, the single-agent Symantec platform
protects all traditional and mobile endpoints, providing
interlocking defenses at the device, application, and
network level, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to
optimize security decisions. A unified cloud-based
management system simplifies protecting, detecting,
and responding to all the advanced threats targeting
your endpoints.

Symantec Endpoint Security features :

  • Attack Surface Reduction
  • •  Behavior Forensics

    •  Advanced Threat Hunting

    •  Integrated Response

    •  Threat Hunter

    •  Application Control

  • Attack Prevention
  • •  Malware Prevention

    •  Exploit Prevention

    •  Intensive Protection

    •  Network Connection Security

  • Breach Prevention
  • •  Intrusion Prevention and Firewall

    •  Deception

    •  Active Directory Security

    •  Auto-managed Policies

  • Post Breach Response and Remediation
  • •  Behavior Forensics

    •  Advanced Threat Hunting

    •  Integrated Response

    •  Threat Hunter

    •  Rapid Response

Available in 2 editions:

  • Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise
  • Symantec Endpoint Security Complete

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