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Rapid7 Announces Availability of Enhanced Endpoint Telemetry for InsightIDR







Rapid7 Announces Availability of Enhanced Endpoint Telemetry for InsightIDR

October 15, 2020 - Rapid7, Inc., a leading provider of security analytics and automation, today announced the availability of Enhanced Endpoint Telemetry (EET) within InsightIDR, the company’s market-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. With EET, customers are provided with broader coverage and frictionless investigations into security incidents, as well as a robust visibility into endpoint activity including host names and domains, process command lines and executable paths.

Today’s organizations are facing constantly evolving threats with increased complexity, size and scope. As companies continue to support their growing remote workforce, endpoints are expanded creating more opportunity for attacker exploitation, and ultimately tasking security teams with more alerts and detections. In order to combat these threats, security teams need a more holistic view into endpoint activity.

EET makes it possible for InsightIDR customers to see what happened before, during, or after a threat event as well as how an attacker may have landed on an endpoint - all of which can help inform future remediation and response actions. EET unifies this valuable endpoint visibility alongside network, user, and cloud data in InsightIDR, making it possible for teams to continuously uplevel their security programs and monitor their attack surface from a single interface.

"Detection and response tools are notorious for flooding users with data from the onset and leaving teams to configure rules and figure out how to make information actionable. As a result, a lot of these tools unfortunately end up as shelfware, and leave teams vulnerable to attacks,” said Rich Perkett, senior vice president, detection and response practice at Rapid7. “InsightIDR strives to make early, reliable detections the number one priority - so our customers have actionable insights from day one. As teams grow and are ready for more proactive security, we are excited to make these data sets - like network traffic analysis, and now enhanced endpoint telemetry - available to provide extended centralized visibility, and unlock more hunting, custom detections, and remediation use cases."

With EET, a detailed log is sent to log search every time a process starts on a monitored endpoint, allowing users to conduct additional forensic work beyond the initial incident. Additional use cases include:  
• Investigating suspicious activity more deeply to understand the likelihood of a real threat;
• Identifying when users are running other unapproved software on an endpoint;
• Querying all endpoint data to identify whether issues were actually isolated or not;
• Creating custom alerts unique to individual organizations

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